To impel the accelerated development of the physical and human capital in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, by means of infrastructure projects, that are important generators of employment, pillars in economic growth and offer competitiveness in an everyday increasingly and more globalized environment.


IDEAL has in its roots the search of a cost effective investment mechanism which helps the formation of Physical Capital meaning the development of infrastructure in roads, airports, ports, generation and distribution of energy, distribution of treated water, among others. And Human Capital in developing health and education through different alliances with the purpose of having a faster growth.

IDEAL is a company oriented in identifying, feasible analysis, financial structures and implementation and operation of long term projects.


The experience all over the World is clear in the sense that the development of human and physical infrastructure has become a need for society and an important factor for the growth of the Gross Domestic Product.

The private investment in infrastructure in Latam, has gone from 0.6% of the GDP during the period 1980 – 1985 to 1.4% during the period 1996 – 2001 and the public investment has gone from 3.1% to 0.8% during the same periods (according to Banco de Mexico)

Infrastructure projects of large dimensions require important resources which governments most complement with private investors.

IDEAL is created with the objective to propel the accelerated development of physical and human capital. It is born in June 2005 through a spin-off from Grupo Financiero Inbursa with a capital of close to $900 million dollars and it is listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange since September 2005, with the purpose of becoming an institutional company and provide information to investors.

From that moment until now, IDEAL has gathered a team of successful and experienced engineers, who have been able to grow in its different sectors such as: Roads, Water Treatment, Energy, Health and Education among others.


One of our great advantages is the opportunity to make synergies, leaning on the experience of the different companies within the group.

In search of expanding into Latin America, we have taken advantage of the synergy that arises from the companies in the telecommunication sectors like America Movil and Telmex, who have penetrated these markets with great success.

In the development of infrastructure, one of the biggest synergies comes from the construction arm of the Carso Group, CICSA, which has great experience in the different sectors of construction, like: Civil construction, buildings, oil and gas, housing among others.

In terms of financing, Inbursa Bank participates actively in the financial structuring of the different projects.

Never the less, we are always in search of the best alternatives for the execution and financing like the participation of local companies.